Bright and bouncy problem-solvers

preschool child smiling, Brookshire Learning Center
2-3 years
Our Pre-School program jumpstarts your child’s education with curriculum-based, pre-school learning and engaging activities.
Let the adventures begin

Fun, multisensory experiences serve as a basis for learning concepts in literacy, mathematics, science, social studies, arts, and music. Surrounded by warm and caring staff, your child will blossom in cognitive and social skills.

A lifetime of learning starts here

We pack our days with big learning fun for little minds. Our aim is for children to go beyond just mastering the basics, and become inspired, well-rounded, critical-thinking individuals.

Structured, engaging lessons in phonics, math, science, social studies, the arts, and music are taught each week.

From our sand table to water play to colorful painting, our pre-schoolers are immersed in sensory learning that will last a lifetime.

Learning experiences are personalized to each child and group to maximize educational value and effect.

Even our youngest kiddos get a jumpstart on critical thinking with fun problem-solving puzzles and games.

Research shows that consistent, in-depth attention to this age group advances cognitive development, so our teachers remain focused and attentive.