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The Process of Art

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As a teacher and parent, one of our worst fears could easily be seeing a child covered head to toe in paint.

Some of us have seen it on more than one occasion. Although it can be a mess, art is an important part of a child’s development. For those that do not mind a mess, the possibilities for creative expression are endless. On the other end, for everyone that does not like a mess, there are many ways to allow your child to have fun with art.

For all you mess makers out there:

Glue and watercolor process art is a great way to let your child express their creative wild side.

All you need is:

Glue, watercolor, q tips or any form of paintbrush, and cardstock.

One of the easiest and messiest recipes I know for watercolor requires two basic ingredients, food coloring, and water. The only downside to this paint is that it is messy and will stain. When using this combination, you can combat the staining factor by applying coconut oil to your child’s hands and face to help combat the paint’s staining factor.

For those of us out there, that like things with a bit of a quicker cleanup:

Collages are a great creative outlet.

All your children would need access to are old magazines, books, and glue, and a medium to place their creations on like canvas or cardstock. Scissors are optional as tearing also works well.